God Save America

William G Ballantine (1925)


God save America! New world of glory, newborn to freedom and knowledge and power, lifting the towers of her lightning-lit cities where the flood tides of humanity roar!

God save America! Here may all races mingle together as children of God; founding an empire on brotherly kindness, equal in liberty, made of one blood!

God save America! Brotherhood banish wail of the worker and curse of the crushed; Joy break in songs from her jubilant millions, hailing the day when all discords are hushed!

God save America! Bearing the olive, hers be the blessing the peacemakers prove, calling the nation to glad federation, leading the world in the triumphs of love!

God save America! ’Mid all her splendors, save her from pride and from luxury; throne in her heart the unseen and eternal; right be her might and the truth make her free!

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