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How to Fill the Emptiness Within

Each person has a void inside, an emptiness that only one thing can fill, Jesus Christ. Many people have tried to fill that void with worldly items, "love", money, food, alcohol, drugs, perfectionism, but only Jesus Christ can satisfy that emptiness and bring peace to our lives. That longing is the need for Jesus Christ, the One who died for each of our sins. That emptiness cannot be filled with anything except for Jesus. How can that void be filled? By accepting Jesus Christ into your heart, by accepting His love for you, by believing all that He has done for you (dying for your sins, raising to life on the third day, preparing a place for you, and one day will return to bring you home), by confessing that He is God, by confessing your sins to Him and repenting. This is how you invite Jesus into your life and eternally fill that void.

If you have not repented of your sins or do not quite know all of your sinful ways, you can pray for God to open your eyes to see clearly, for Him to search your heart for any evil way in you and remove the sin, cover you with the blood of His son Jesus Christ, and give you a pure heart to pursue Him in all areas of your life.

Jesus died the most horrific death any human being could experience and He did it all for you. Jesus lived a sinless, pure, and holy life so He could be the final sacrifice, taking on the punishment and judgment we deserve because of our sin. He freely died for ALL of your sins so that you could be covered with His blood and wiped clean of all blemishes. He defeated death by raising to life on the third day and proving His holiness and power. He conquered sin and death for you, He chose you. If you will choose Him and accept Him into your heart and life, you can be free of sins power over you and will be adopted into God's family. Life does not end on earth, life is not over once we die. This is a short time, but eternity is forever. Jesus created you, loves you, has your best interest at heart, knows you completely. Choose Him today and live in freedom, joy, love, and obedience to the only living, true God.

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