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Lessons from a Bee

While there are many different species of bees, this will be general post about the bee insect. Here are three lessons we can learn from a Bee.

1. Pollination

Bees not only collect pollen to make honey, but during flight some of the pollen drops to the ground and results in cross pollination between plants. Cross pollination can also happen if the bee goes from one flower to the next, the pollen collected on its legs can be transferred to the other flower/plant. Cross pollination produces either a new plant that resembles the two types the bee collected pollen from or it can change the color of plants. Just as bees pollinate to help plants and the environment, Christians need to pollinate the world with the Gospel of Christ. If we read the Bible and learn from God's Word and drop or rub off what God's Word says on others, it will help plant seeds and nurture souls.

2. Honey

Honey is a pleasant gift bees make not only for themselves but for others. Other animals such as bears and honey badgers eat honey as well as humans. The Bible mentions honey m