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Lessons from a Butterfly

Happy New Year!

Last year, 2019, I did a series on the lessons we can learn from flowers. While there are still so many flowers to cover, I thought this year, 2020, we can turn our focus to insects and the lessons we can learn from them. Here are three lessons we can learn from a butterfly.

1. Birth & Growth

Butterflies start out as caterpillars, a small insect that inches its way to any food resource it can find so it will grow. Some are friendly and some are poisonous but all start out as a small little caterpillar. As Christians we also all start out small and inch our way through knowledge and wisdom to grow. Some of us may be friendly, others may be rough around the edges, but as believers in Christ, we all start out as "baby Christians". If we are not feeding on God's Word then we will not grow but will remain a little caterpillar. Just as caterpillars are always growing and moving so it can fulfill its purpose and develop into a beautiful butterfly, we need to consistently be learning and moving forward so we can fulfill our purpose in life and God's plan.

2. Transformation

Once a caterpillar has eaten enough food, it starts building a cocoon. This cocoon will be its home for the next five to twenty-one days. In the cocoon, its body is transforming and becoming a new creation. It has to stay in a dark, enclosed, secluded cocoon for the transformation to happen. As Christians, we become a new creation in Christ the very moment we become saved. We still live in a sinful world and have our sinful nature, but we are no longer children of sin but children of God and now wear His robe of righteousness. We have a hope now, a new life! This is our first part of the transformation, the complete transformation happens after death or if Jesus comes back in our lifetime. Then we will be transformed completely and our old body will give way to a new, holy, perfect one. Just like the caterpillar who turns into a beautiful butterfly, we will be made whole.

3. Freedom

The caterpillar has to spend time on the ground, crawling around, searching for food, working. However, when it transforms into a beautiful butterfly, it now is free! It is able to fly, enjoy the sweet nectar of flowers, and fellowship with other butterflies. As humans, we work, are restricted by gravity and time, search for meaning, and crawl around helplessly. However, when we are saved by the grace of God, we are free! We are able to joyful work unto the Lord, we know our purpose and the meaning of life through the Word of God, and we are given a hope for the future. When we get to heaven we will no longer be restricted by gravity and time but will be completely free in all aspects. We will enjoy a wonderful feast with our brothers and sisters in Christ and with God. We will enjoy a perfect, holy, pure, boundless eternity with our Maker, Creator, Father, Friend, and Savior!

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Martha L Sharpe
Martha L Sharpe
Jan 07, 2020

Another thought-filled AND thought-provoking read! Thanks, Carina!!


I love your comparison of the Christian life and the stages of a butterfly. Very creative writing and beautiful insights. Thank you for sharing this, Carina.


A great example of the human life that receives Jesus Christ into their heart as their Lord and Savior, Thank you Carina for sharing.

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