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Lessons from a Chrysanthemum

November's flower is the Chrysanthemum. While the color orange is not a color liked by most people, God's color palette is unmatched and the bright or deep orange of leaves, flowers, and pumpkins in Autumn is truly beautiful. Here are two lessons we can learn from a Chrysanthemum.

1. Unity

Have you ever taken a moment to look at a Chrysanthemum? It has a vast amount of petals, also known as florets, that all come together to form the beautiful bloom. Isn't that like the Church? We are all unique and individuals, but we come together to form the body of Christ, the Church. We all have different appearances, talents, skills, personalities, and duties but as the body of Christ, we are to be of one mind, a unity of believers. Click here to read what the Bible says about unity for believers.

2. Beauty in the darkness

The best time for a Chrysanthemum to bloom is in the Fall, specifically in November. When most flowers, buds, blooms, and the beautiful life of summer have died and the cold weather has moved in, the Chrysanthemum brings color and life to the darkening and chilly season. We all go through dark moments in life, sometimes even dark seasons, but God allows these to happen because in the tough and trying times is when we really grow and become wiser and stronger. Through our experiences and difficulties, we are able to help comfort and pour wisdom into others who may be facing a similar circumstance we overcame. Imagine if all moments of life were sunshine and roses, no rain clouds to dampen the mood, no storms to frighten us, and no winter weather to isolate and freeze. If life was one steady line of happiness and ease we would never grow, learn to rely on God, draw close to Jesus, or seek His Word for comfort. We go through ups and downs in life to shape us into the people that become faithful warriors for God and empathetic, compassionate human beings. Thank Him in the sunshine and in the rain, praise Him in the daylight and in the darkness of night. Light is most visible in the darkness and a star shines brightest at night. Let God's glory illuminate through your life. For true beauty is being molded and will bloom in God's timing.

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Thank you, Carina, for this insight. I especially will hold onto the last two sentences...."in God's timing." Needed this!


Martha L Sharpe
Martha L Sharpe
Nov 04, 2019

Enjoyed this, Carina.....much food for thought....I've always remembered (but, have no idea where I heard it)...If we had only sunshine, we would live in a desert.........we also, need the rain, hard times, etc.

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