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Lessons from a Sunflower

In Korea, there is a saying about someone who is like a sunflower. For example, to say a girl is a sunflower type, it means she is single-minded, only focusing on her boyfriend or husband. Personally, I have always loved that use of the word. While thinking about that concept something important hit me, am I a sunflower to God? Do I only look at God and focus on Him, not letting life's temptations or other idols come into my heart and life? We should all ask ourselves those questions. Therefore, let's go through what being a sunflower for Jesus means.

1. Loyal

Sunflowers are loyal to only one thing, the sun. Are we loyal to Jesus or do we leave Him when life brings us temporary happiness or struggles? Do we put something or someone else above God or is He the King of our heart? Let us choose today to be loyal to God, to place Him first in our lives, and to focus on Him. Place God first in every aspect of your life (family, friends, singleness, marriage, work, hobbies, etc).

2. Focused

Sunflowers are solely focused on the sun. They stand proud facing it and become big, beautiful, bright yellow flowers almost as if to brag about their love for the sun. Does our life show others that we are completely in love with God? Do we stand tall, with joy brightening our faces, and a glowing radiance within from facing the Son? When our eyes are focused on the Son, we will not see the shadows or be lead astray.

3. Growth

Just as a sunflower HAS to have the sun for it to grow, we HAVE to have Jesus to grow spiritually. Are we reading our Bibles daily or even weekly? Are we praying daily? Do we have an intimate relationship with God and make quality time for Him? We need the Son to grow, are you soaking up the Son or is your stem bending down to the ground where only darkness and dirt are?


Be a sunflower for God and wake up bright, and remember that He is everything you need and everything you could ever want. Face the Son and grow, become healthy and strong.

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I love this analogy of our relationship to Christ and a sunflower's dependence on the sun. A simple but true comparison. Have been asking God the past month for boldness in my faith. Lots of opportunities to test my trust and reliance on Jesus. May God continue to give us His Grace to be a true sunflower in His Kingdom. This blog is very encouraging and timely.....Thanks.....

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