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Lessons from a Worm

Here are three lessons we can learn from a Worm.

1. Cleanliness

Earthworms eat soil, leaves, roots, and other ground items. After it eats the dirt from above it wiggles below the surface and the waste is then spread underground providing healthy soil to plants. The worms tunnels help aerate the ground which maintains healthy soil for plant roots. As Christians, cleanliness should be a daily habit and mindset. We should be soaking up the Word of God and spreading it to others. We should be filling our mind and heart with clean, pure, holy thoughts, visuals, and desires and allow God to remove the filth, evil, and sin in our lives. Just as washing our hands throughout the day, brushing our teeth, taking showers/baths, visiting the dentist, getting a physical, and being hygienic are highly important to our health, what we allow our mind to think about, our eyes to watch, our heart to desire, our hands to do, where we go, who we hang out with, and what we say are all highly vital to our spiritual health which pours over into our relationships, mental and sometimes our physical health. Sin is cancer that grows and spreads throughout the soul, if it is not caught in time, it will lead to devastation, destruction, and death. Let us be mindful each day and with God's help, do our best to be spiritually, mentally, and physically clean and healthy!

2. Purpose

Worms are used in fishing and eaten by birds and other animals. Their purpose helps many things on earth including humans. Through a worms life, we are able to maintain healthy gardens, bait fish, and other animals are able to get the necessary nutrients from eating them. Every single person ever created has a purpose. We are created for a purpose for God, others, and our society. Our purpose for God is that we are to be in a relationship with Him, be more like Jesus Christ each day, and work for God with hope constantly on our mind (Jesus is coming soon). Our purpose for others is that we are loving, helpful, forgiving, encouraging, caring, kind, and chastise with truth and love when needed. Our purpose in our society is that we work diligently with a clear conscience and cheerful heart, we obey God first and then our leaders, we come together as a community and contribute to the good of our country, and that we tell others about Jesus Christ.

3. Focused

While worms serve mainly one or two purposes, they are created to do their job well. From day till night, worm works tirelessly to provide us with fresh, clean, and rich soil so we can garden well, grow healthy plants and crops, and fish to bring food on the table. We should be focusing on God above all else. When something or someone has our undivided attention above God, it becomes an idol. When we are at work, we should be focused on doing the job well, correct, and to the best of our ability. If we lose focus, mistakes happen and can lead to tragedy. Stay focused at all times, focused on God, focused on your work, focused on the person speaking to you, focused on good, focused on God's Word to resist sin and overcome temptation. Stay focused today on what God has called you to do on earth, on what matters, and on our beautiful eternal home.

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