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New Beginnings - Renewal

Do you like a fresh start? Do you love having your failures, mistakes, sins, and foolishness completely wiped away? Do you want to be cleansed and the stains removed, wearing a white, pure, blameless garment? I certainly do! I remember as a child, whenever I would do something wrong or make a mistake I would tell my sister how I wanted a fresh start, a new chapter, a redo. With Jesus Christ, we have that! It is unimaginable, unfathomable, undeserving, but we are given a new chapter to start each and every morning! We are given clean, fresh garments when we repent of our sins. Isn't this something to praise God for and be overjoyed about?

I believe many times we forget how special and freeing this wonderful blessing is, or we get sidetracked and forget that it even is possible, stuck in a pit of doom and gloom and being filled with despair instead of looking up and seeing the light shining on us just waiting for us to stand up and accept the free gift from Jesus Christ. When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, that is it, He is forever our God and Father and we are forever His adopted children. But we still sin and fail, so what happens then? Do we have to start all over again and ask Him to save us again? No, once we get saved, we are saved once and for all, but we do need daily "saving" or as it's called, renewing because we still live in a sinful world and are sinful humans. Each day God renews us and gives us the choice to accept His renewing or continue down the wrong path. We are called to be transformed and only with the Holy Spirit's assistance and power is that made possible.

Have you made a bad choice today? Have you let temptation in instead of fleeing from it? It is not too late, talk with God right now, don't wait, repent, then ask Him to renew your mind, heart, and body to be honorable to Him, and for the Holy Spirit to take control of your life. Be renewed today! This is one of the many gifts from God that I am abundantly grateful for! Click here to learn how to let go and accept God's love.


Thank you, Lord for giving me a new chance, a fresh start, a clean page to write in. Thank you for renewing me today, may I live obediently to You this day and bring you glory and honor. May You be in control, may my spirit gain control over my flesh and may I depend on You every second. Lord, help me to be transformed, to be more like You. Thank you for this day, thank you for Your Word and for Your Son, Jesus, thank you for Your mercy and love! In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen!

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